cloth napkinsChristmas Tree Napkin Fold

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Wow, this is awesome and a huge honour that we can meet a person who invented it! We will include the link in our post and write a short note about you!

I love things and decorations. If there are too many details in a design, it makes me feel distracted and irritated, since less is always more for me. But this approach can be a real problem when it comes to Christmas decorations. Some members of my mily like more elaborate garnish, and thats why I was in a need of something that will satisfy all of us at the same time. I really hope that I succeded by finding this idea for folding a dinner napkin.

Other Handimaniacs liked it so much, that we decided to make our own version of the tutorial. Youll be surprised how quick and it is and how useful it can be when youre in a hurry but need a stunning decoration for your Christmas le.

To prepare this super fold, you need a perfectly square bric napkin. First, fold it twice to get a smaller square.

Were happy that we have heard from the author of this method of folding Karen June Miller. As she wrote, shes never seen the napkin folded this way before, she invented it in when she was teaching workshop. As she wrote to us, this idea just dropped out of heaven. Were glad that we can give her appropriate credit so if you want to see the source, check her blogEye Dyllic!

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I like my folded Christmas Tree plain, without any additional decoration, but if its too much for you ; you can always add something to it. One of the best additions isTiny Bow, that you can stick to a peak of the tree. What else would you use to decorate it?

Then, fold up each layer to the top and be sure to leave one inch between each fold.

Simple yet decorative way of folding le cloth for Christmas

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You did a nice job on this fold. I am actually the one who invented this fold. I was teaching workshops in California at the time. I have a multitude of napkin folding books and had never seen this fold before. I felt like it was dropped out of heaven. I shared a photo tutorial on my blog, eyedyllic in with instructions to please ask for my permission before sharing it somewhere else. If you could please include this link, my name, I would feel better. Thankyou!cloth napkinsChristmas Tree Napkin Fold

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