cloth diapersPrimm n Proper Baby Cloth Diapers

e, each PNP diaper will include materials purchased from up to US small businesses so in buying a PNPBaby item you may be supporting up to US small businesses!

PNPBaby products are inidually and personally

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From organic cotton to bamboo hemp every material in a PNPBaby cloth diaper is

PNPBaby Diapers have proven themselves in the last years they give you a

Most babies will require diaper changes from birth to age . yrs, costing parents around in products that will be thrown away. Just PNPBaby one / lb diapers can replace approx of those disposable diapers. In addition, PNPBaby strives to provide a

high quality product that gives you a great return on investment.

In addition, PNPBaby strives to serve local milies through cloth diaper education and support groups.

to go against the skin and has fiber content you are miliar with no gels, no microfiber.

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