ClothesDefinition of clothes

ClothesDefinition of clothesMyweaknesshasalwaysbeenbeautifulclothes and shoes.

Take a change of clothes so you canhitthe office and still befresh.

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We shop online together for their shoes and clothes, but only when there arediscounts.

Thethe art of beingwhilestillwearing clothes.

Theis to supply retailers and suppliers withdataon theofconsumersand on thecombinationsof clothes that peoplebuy.

The only thing sheenviedthe men was their casual clothes.

Herubbedhiseyesandscrambledto his feet, brushing down his clothes to cover up hisembarrassment.

Most highdo not sellfurbut some isappearingon clothes sold byindependentretailers andonline.

They wore clothes thatandutilitariancuts withandurbanstyling.

Hisplanwas to design clothes to sell to the shops he had worked in.

The man looked just like myboyfriendand was wearing the same clothes.

If it lands on your clothes, gently brush it off.

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They thenwashedher body, changed her clothes anddumpedher at aclinicwhere theyshe hadsuffereda drugsoverdose.

Toseeher to sell clothes was awrenchwere notexpectingorconsultedon.

a breed of sheep of central Asia having coarse black, grey , or brown hair the lambs have soft ced usually black hair

Peopleearnmore money from selling womens clothes.

Very Common. clothes is one of the most commonly used words in the Collins dictionary

Perhapstheteamwererelyingon most peopleviewingthe clothes on a.

are the things that people wear, such asshirtscoatstrousers, and dresses.

READY, STEADY, GO! Swinging London and the Invention of Cool

They arenormalpeople in normal clothes doing something very normal.

Some people modestly changed intodryclothes before forhomeon foot or bycar.

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But people arenowwanting toknowhowsoontheywillbe able to put ajauntyclothes brush over their.

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Lamplugh, Diana Sterwin, Diana Nottidge, Pamela

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It has been brought to myattentionthat some people wear clothes inbed.

Wepicturedhimwalkingaround the grounds incasualclothes withouthandcuffs.

It wasdarkbut he couldfeelthe clothesbrushagainst hischeek.

Weneedto make verysurethat we are wearing clothes.

OurFatherdoes not know us because of the clothes that we wear or thehaircutthat we keep.

Sheclaimedthat High Streetstoresarehelpingtopromoteanif they selltrendyclothes in bigger s.

You can fit it into your day withoutgettingchanged intospecialclothes.

People buy clothes that bear somerelationto thetemperatureoutside.

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She looked me up and down in my casualweekendclothes.

articles, usually ofcloth, designed to cover,protect, oradornthe body;garmentsattire

People wear our clothes because theywantto belookedat.

Adjectives are used with nouns to make the meaning more specific. If you use the noun bear it can mean any animal of that species. As soon as you say a large, brown bear you have given two of its…

Wearing the rightshoesand clothes aswellas beingfitcan make all thedifference.

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